NOBO-WB-5(Level track tape edge machine)



    This machine is mainly used for taping edge fabric of mattress, and an also suitable for sleeping bag tent, ECT. 

   1.       Advance chain stitch sewing head 

   2.       Automatic adjusting of table lifting and sewing angle

   3.       Convenient operation by electromagnetic clutch controlling

    4.       Level track by precise processing for faster steady moving


 Technical data:

   Overall Size: 2815 x 2415mm (LXW) Rack: 2250 x 1850mm (LXW)

   Table: 1600 x 2000mm (LXW)

   Mattress Thickness: 50-500mm

   Table Automatic Lifting Range: Within 400mm

   Sewing Needle Height: 110-1230mm

   Sewing Head Auto-Adjusting Angle: 35-55

   Sewing Speed Adjusted by Transducer, Max 12m/min

   Power Supply: 3-Phase, AC380V, 50Hz

   Total Power: 1.5kw

   Weight: 1100kg