NOBO-WB-4(Automatic tape edge machine)


NOBO-WB-4 the belt Tape Edge Machine was used in sewing mattress border panel and over panel together. It could move mattress automatically during working. Its sewing head was fixed. It’s the new generation of the Tape Edge Machine in domestic market. The machine was controlled by PLC; and designed with body engineering; Mattress could be forwarded, turned corner and turn down automatically. The fixed board of sewing head could be lifted automatically also when the mattress is used on corner. Working speed could be lower and came back with other working steps together the angel and height of sewing head could be adjusted. Another characteristic is the sewing head’s needle spot function. Because the machine could be forward automatically, so the machine could be either separate part of mattress production, or one part of complete production line. The machine’s structure is simple, and workers could be trained to operate it within short time. It save the working intensity and update the working Efficiency.


Technical dataWB-4.jpg

Sewing Head: Chain stitch (lock stitch could be available)

Angel of Sewing Head: 25-65

Mattress Thickness: 120-400mm

Capacity: 10-20 units/hours

Power: 3 phase, 380V 50Hz

Total power: 3.0kw

Conner Motor Power: 0.75kw

Line Motor Power: 0.55kw

Lifting Motor Power: 0.37kw

Sewing Head Power: 0.37kw

Air consumption: 0.6-0.8MPa

Table Size: 3680 x 1920 x 900mm