NOBO-WB-3Tape edge machine



      This tape edge machine is mainly used for tape-edging of mattress panel, sleeping bag and tent.

1.       Advanced chain stitch sewing head.

2.       Auto-lifting table, hand-controlled tilting of sewing head.

3.       Variable speed for moving of carriage and sewing, auto-slowdown at corners.

4.       Straight, even and attractive seam.

5.       Stainless steel table top.

6.       Equipped with level-adjusting device.

7.       Low noise, small vibration, stable performance.

Technical data

Thickness of Mattress: (70-450) mm

Table Lifting Range: 140mm

Table Size: 1920 x 1300mm (Option: 1920 x 1800mm)

Overall Dimension: 2130 x 2010 x 1565mm

Total Power: 1.2kw

Total Weight: 598kg

Power Supply: 3-Phase, 380V 50Hz

Capacity: 15units/h