Nobo-LS-2(Digital spring coiling machine)

N0B0-LS-2 Conjoined Coiling Machine_副本.jpg


To ensure maximum output, at minimum cost, high unit productivity is top of our list. Output of up to 150 units per                  single shift makes the Nobo one of the fastest assembly systems in the world today.

To ensure maximum productivity, the Nobo Assembler is engineered to the highest standards. This not only offers speed        of production but most importantly, reliability-essential to production efficiency. High quality carbide tooling is used for        helical formation.

System usability is further enhanced with our touch screen display, providing productivity data and easy adjustment of          machinery operation.

Technical Specification:

The Nobo Assembly Machine Features

1.       Machine Speed 150-200Units per 8 Hours

2.       Auto-Helical Insertion

3.       Full cut and clench for left and right helical

4.       Full PLC control with touch screen user interface

5.       Standard Operational with 2.0Meters unit Zoning Option as standard

Technical data:

1.       Coil wire diameter:1.8-2.0

2.       Helical wire diameter:1.6-1.7

3.       Spring Height:150mm-180mm

4.       Helical Pitch:11.5(4 buckle 4)10.5(5 buckle 4)

5.       Helical Diameter:8.8-9.2

6.       Power Requirement:380V 3 Phase (50-60HZ)

7.       Hydraulic Pressure:5MPA