NOBO-ZC-3(Assembling machine)



      NOBO-ZC-3 is the specialized assembly equipment of spring bed nets and seat which needs only one                   person to put on the expected spring so that can achieve up and down at the same time network series.

1.       The machine use the automatic clamping device shutting up ,up and down to achieve synchronization spring schedule string network

2.       If string is in place so it can automatically to cut wire spring clamp shut, expected to push forward bed nets automatically, shut down automatically if happening encountered failures and beep alarm

3.       The size Bed nets can be adjusted. The height can be a free take-off and landing. The computer will automatically record the number of sheets and set rows

4.       It has the ability of beautiful string of net, relatively tight string net, fast speed to time-saving, high efficient and to reduce labor intensity.

Technical data:

   Work Efficiency: 50-80 units/8 hours

   Maximum width of the bed nets: 2000mm (option2200mm)

   Adaption bed nets high: 80-180mm

   Spring wire diameter: 2.0-2.4mm

   String of spring steel wire diameter: 1.3-1.6mm

   Applies to spring-caliber: 58 Fixture Series 55-56mm1.8 meters29 rows of springs

                      60Fixture Series 60-65mm1.8 meters27 rows of springs

                      68 Fixture Series 65-70mm1.8 meters24rows of springs

                      78 Fixture Series 65-73mm1.8 meters22rows of springs

                      88 Fixture Series75-82mm1.8 meters19rows of springs

                      98 Fixture Series 82-90mm1.8 meters18rows of springs


  The total electric power: 4.5KW

  Weight of machines: 950kg

  Electrical source: 3 phase 380V/50HZ

  Figure size: length 3150 x width1730 x high1810mm